Callaway Epic Flash Ladies Driver

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Product Overview

The new Callaway Epic Flash Driver is Callaway’s most advanced driver yet. With the employment of Artificial Intelligence, Callaway Golf’s Flash Face Technology is an engineering breakthrough.

This Supercomputer sifts through 15,000 club face designs before emerging at this revolutionary Flash face design. This unique pattern is designed to work hand-in-hand with Jailbreak Technology to help achieve longer and straighter drives.

With the AI’s machine learning ability, Callaway has admitted that Flash Face Technology is not something a human could of possible engineered due to its random face ripples and humps, which are positioned precisely to benefit from the Jailbreak hourglass structure.

Lighter, hourglass- shaped titanium rods are the soul of Jailbreak Technology, and helps to stiffen the body, allowing for the Flash Face to work independently and more efficiently to help elevate ball speeds across the face.

The sliding weight at the rear of the Epic Flash head consists of a 16 gram sliding weight that can be positioned to produce a draw, fade or even straighten a golfers ball flight. A new carbon fibre crown increases the drivers forgiveness by maximising MOI. Using a new T2C Carbon Fibre Fabric, the Callaway Engineers have been able to move the discretionary weight lower in the sole to increase distance and accuracy from the tee.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review