Fourteen Golf TP766 Irons

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Product Overview

Exhilarating Ball Speeds and High Trajectory, Provide Exceptional distance.

The unique 360° pocket cavity structure, with Classic head shape. Provides an exhilarating, high trajectory, allowing a shorter iron into the greens. This is the one! A model for easier scoring.

Pocket Flow Designed for Each Club

Location of center of gravity optimized by changing the 360° pocket structure for each club.
This allows us to optimize the launch and spin rate to create the desired trajectory throughout the set.

The Ultra thin ST-22 Face

The ST-22 super soft, yet extremely strong steel maximizes the thin part of the face.
By making the face this thin, we are able to not only maximize ball speed but also forgiveness across the face.

Optomized Turf -interaction

The sole shape is a little thicker at the leading edge to reduce digging. The sole was intenonally designed to be thinner than most pocket cavity irons to promote better turf-interaction while still possessing forgiveness.

Classic Head Shape

A reduced offset with mid-sized head shape creates a appalling iron for all skill levels.
The shape changes to optimize the CG Location. In the long irons the face height is shorter to create a lower CG, with a slightly thicker top line for maximum forgiveness

Refined Finish

A fine-grained satin finish, with a chic, gray, and shiny metal badge fitted in the pocket, creates a tasteful clean appearance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review