Golf Club Repairs Melbourne

When your golf clubs need to be repaired, it's usually preferable to have a professional analyse the condition and fix them properly the first time. With Clubtech Golf, we have over 25 years of expertise, offering the best golf club repairs in Melbourne. We mend many sorts of golf clubs, including contemporary, classic, and hickory golf clubs.

Our team of golf club repair specialists in Melbourne specialises in adjustment and removal of shaft, its installation and grip installation, bore through shaft installation, shaft shortening, shaft lengthening and shaft removal. We also help you with the adjustment of the loft and lie. Additional repairs include replacing the ferrule, re-epoxying the head, and removing the rattle.

Moreover, our team has a lot of expertise in the game, and all of our employees are passionate and educated golfers who specialise in customising current clubs to meet the needs of individual players for golf club repairs in Melbourne. Having the appropriate clubs is critical for making the most of your abilities and getting the most fun out of the game, whether you're a tournament player or a novice.

This implies that your clubs must be tailored to your specific physical traits and playing style. Also, if you are looking for golf club repairs in Melbourne, it should be properly done. However, this does not need spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on golf club repairs in Melbourne. We offer a broad range of custom shaft alternatives at Clubtech Golf to help us achieve the optimum fit. But how can you know which one is which? Don't worry. Simply contact our customer service today, and we will help you with the exact cost and what all will be included in golf club repairs in Melbourne.