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Cobra Air-X Offset Driver

The Cobra Air-X Offset Driver is our lightest construction at 277g. A lightweight design promotes great feel and effortless speed for longer drives, while an offset hosel design promotes straighter drives.


Lighter Weight for Effortless Distance
The AIR-X driver features an extremely lightweight construction so every swing feels effortless.

Lighter Materials to Make You Faster
The driver uses premium lightweight carbon material to create a lighter clubhead which delivers a sensation of faster speed through the air.

More Distance Away From the Centre
A faster face design helps you hit the ball just as far even when you don't make centre contact.

Designed for Straighter and More Consistent Drives

Heel weighting and an offset hosel will correct your slice and keep your drives flying straight down the fairway. 


Club Loft Hand Lie Volume Length Swing Weight
AIR-X Offset RH/LH 60° 460cc 46"" D1.5
AIR-X Offset 10.5° RH/LH 60° 460cc 46" D1.5
AIR-X Offset 11.5° RH/LH 60° 460cc 46" D1.5


Cobra Ultralite 40

Flex Weight Torque Kick Point Launch Spin
S 50g
High High
R 50g 7.0 Low High High
L 50g 7.0 Low High High


Lamkin REL Microlite

Model Colour Size Weight Size Feel
Lamkin REL Microlite Black Standard 37g .58 Textured