Left Hand YES C Groove Callie - Left Hand
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YES C Groove Callie - Left Hand

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The Yes! Callie is a blade putter with a plumber’s neck hosel and is a good option for players with a slight arc swing path. The Callie is made of 304 stainless steel with a slight toe-hang so the head stays square through impact for players with an arced putting stroke. The offset hosel helps frame the ball at address for more confident strokes and the C-groove technology from Yes! helps get the ball rolling sooner for more consistently smooth putts.

C-Groove Technology
The grooves milled into the face have a 20° upward cut that grip the ball to get it rolling quickly to avoid skidding or skipping for a truer roll.

TPU Dampening Insert
A 'through-slot" is milled into the head behind the face of each putter and has a polyurethane (TPU 65D) that dampens vibration for better feel and sound.

True-Square Alignment Aide
Each putter has a black TPU insert with a white alignment aide help you start your putts on target, the rest is up to your caddy.

Shaft Length: 33 Inches

Note: Head cover not included