Repairs & Upgrades


At Clubtech, we host a state of the art, on-site workshop run by Garry Barker, our in-house senior technician with 25 years experience in the business. You can use our simulators to try out new gear or test your own, and Garry will be there to make recommendations on the technical side of things. Or if you’re just after a simple repair, we can do that too. See below for a full list of technical repair services offered on-site at Clubtech.

Services offered but not limited to:

  • Re-Shafting of clubs – New or Old – to suit your swing
  • Loft and Lie angle checks and adjustments to Irons
  • Re-attaching club heads
  • Flex check on Irons and Drivers
  • Shaft extensions to Putters, Irons and Drivers
  • Shaft cut-downs to Putters, Irons and Drivers
  • Re-gripping for all clubs Grips we offer are standard size, mid-size & over-sized
  • Personalised club adjustments and fittings with on-site testing facilities via our simulators

We offer same day repairs and adjustments. You can either drop your clubs off and we’ll call you when the job’s done, or feel free to come chat to Garry for personalised advice and try out our simulators while you wait. We’re here for all your golfing repair needs.

For more information contact ClubTech Golf on 03 9355 7978