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Golf Club Lie Angles

It's critical for golf club lie angles to be fit specifically for each player since it impacts the ball's trajectory and flight. For example, if your club's sole interacts with the grass more near the toe during impact, the lie angle is excessively flat. However if the heel takes more of the impact, the lie angle is excessively upright. Both of these conditions have the potential to change the trajectory of the ball, causing it to deviate from your planned target line. This can also change the launch angle, making it too high or too low. You lose the ability to direct your ball properly along the target line at the launch angle you desire if you don't have the right lying angle. That's where we, at Clubtech Golf, help you.

The loft and lie machines we use are one-of-a-kind, with cutting-edge technology.. With a wider interface and the choice of analogue or digital readings, as well as a polymeric material coated clamp on top and brass on the bottom, we adjust the loft and lie angle of your golf clubs. Because the brass and coating are softer than steel, they will not harm the finish on your irons during loft and lie adjustments.

A team of professionals hand-assembles and calibrates all elements of these devices in-house; this way the loft and lie angle of our customers’ golf clubs is guaranteed to be properly adjusted, giving the results expected and consistently improving their in-game performance. When it comes to such an important part of your golf equipment like the loft and lie angle of your golf club, what better than leaving it to knowledgeable experts with years of experience adjusting golf life angles? Get in touch with our customer service team today!