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Golf Club Repairs

At Clubtech, we host a state of the art, on-site workshop run by Garry Barker, our in-house senior club technician with 25 years experience in the business. You can use our simulators to try out new gear or test your own, and Garry will be there to make recommendations on the technical side of things. Or if you’re just after a simple repair, we can do that too. See below for a full list of technical repair services offered on-site at Clubtech Golf.


Clubtech Golf stocks a wide range of grips from the leading brands to some lesser known brands that may suit the price conscious. We can also swap grips over from 1 set to another depending on the quality of the existing grips. This can usually be done for you while you wait!

We stock a wide range of graphite and steel grips for drives, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters. This process takes 24 hours while we wait for the glue to dry and can be picked up the next business day.

Extensions and Cut Downs
Are your clubs to long or short? We can add length (steel or graphite) to all clubs with no impact to overall performance. We can also cut down clubs to the precise length for you. Typically the existing grip can be refitted depending on the quality off the existing grip.

If you club heads have come loose or off completely we can re-glue them and get you back on the course quickly. This process takes 24 hours while we wait for the glue to dry and can be picked up the next business day.

Loft and Lie Angle Checks
We have all the equipment in store to check and make adjustments where required while you wait. We can also check the flex of your existing clubs and make recommendations on what would suit best. You can even compare the ball flight on 1 of our simulators.

Personalised Club Fittings and Adjustments
We carry a large range of stock and have qualified staff that can fit you for a set of clubs that suit your swing.


Repair Type Price
Re-gripping (Irons & Putters) Irons $10-$35 Per Grip
Putter $20-$60 Per Grip
Re-fit existing grips to new clubs  $10 Per Grip
Re-Shaft - Steel (Irons, Hybrids & Putters) From $60
Re-Shaft - Graphite (Irons & Hybrids) From $80
Re-Shaft - Graphite (Drivers & Fairways) From $120
Shaft extensions (Steel) $20 Per Club
Shaft extensions (Graphite) $25 Per Club
Shaft cut-downs (Steel & Graphite) $15 Per Club
Shaft Install (Own Shafts Supplied) $35 Per Club
Re-glue club heads $20 Per Club
Loft and Lie angle checks and adjustments  $10 Per Club
Flex check on Irons and Drivers $10 Per Club
Club Adjustments and Fittings

From $40 *Price is
refunded if clubs
are purchased

We offer same day repairs and adjustments. You can either drop your clubs off and we’ll call you when the job’s done, or feel free to come chat to Garry for personalised advice and try out our simulators while you wait. We’re here for all your golfing repair needs. 

For more information email us at or contact the store on 03 9355 7978