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Golf Pride Grips

Golf pride grips are the number 1 grip on the pro tour. For over 70 years Golf pride has led the way in golf grip innovation and technology. It goes without saying that the grip is essential for controlling the golf club, but they, like any other material, degrade over time, usually within a year. The grips can often become shiny causing your hands to slip This makes your hands slip and the golf club to turn in your hands at impact. If this sounds like it's happening to you, your golf grips are in need of replacement. We have a wide assortment of top brand golf grips, including Golf Pride, Lamkin, Karma, Star, SuperStroke, JumboMax, Flat Cat, BJM, Winn and more at Clubtech Golf. Even better, they're accessible across Australia at our golf shop or online at a very affordable price.

Clubtech golf, which was founded 25 years ago, provide a comprehensive range of golf equipment to each of our customers, allowing us to streamline their day-to-day operations.

We offer swing grips, putter grips, a full regripping service, accessories and much more is available at great rates. We work hard to guarantee that every time we regrip your golf grips, you receive an unrivaled service at a good price. Our grips come in a variety of materials from Rubber, half cord, full cord, Multi Compound including MCC and MCC plus4 with or without golf pride's align technology

Putter grips come in all shapes and sizes and we have something to suit your putting style. You can let us know your choice for grips or your requirement for Golf Pride grips, or any other brand and we can offer that to you at the best price.

Golf Pride Grips