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TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedge - TW Grind

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Hand: Right Hand
Flex: Wedge Flex
Loft/Bounce: 56/12

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The unique grind on each sole of the TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedge - TW Grind was designed by the artful hands of Tiger Woods. The 56° wedge is a dual sole with heavy heel relief, while the 60° has an extremely high bounce on the leading edge with a shaved heel. This makes it possible to open the face for flop shots, while still providing relief on the leading edge for better performance on tight lies. Designed for ultimate versatility, this setup allows Tiger to take on any shot, on any course, anywhere in the world.

Improved Spin In the Wet
Spin Tread technology utilizes laser etching to channel away moisture and help retain spin in wet conditions. The same way that tire treads help your car stay connected to the road, Spin Tread redirects water at impact and creates more friction between the club face and golf ball to impart more spin than prior generations.

Refined Shaping
MG4 features refinements in shape and visual appeal with a focus on what players perceive at address. Details from the hosel blend, offset and leading-edge straightness were all inspired by the insights and preferences of the best players and most experienced designers. Compared to the previous MG3, MG4 showcases a slightly larger footprint that provides players with a sense of roundness, smoothness and improved ease of use.

Raw Face & New Finish
There’s a reason raw wedges are preferred by the game’s best players. The unplated material will rust over time to preserve consistent spin while also delivering better performance in wet conditions. A new refined finish with a slightly darker tint minimizes glare and blends seamlessly with the raw face for a unified appearance.


TIGER GRIND 56° 12° 35.25" 64° RH D5 8620 Carbon Steel Chrome
TIGER GRIND 60° 11° 35" 64° RH D5 8620 Carbon Steel Chrome


Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Wedge

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Wedge Flex
Flex Weight Torque Tip Size Launch Spin
S 115g 1.9 .355 Low Low


Lamkin Crossline 360 - Black/Silver/Green

Lamkin Crossline 360 - Black/Silver/Green
Model Color Size Weight Butt Size Feel
Crossline 360 Black/Silver/Green Standard 52g .580 Textured

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